If you choose to fly out of LAX or SFO, you are one brave soul! 

For starters, getting through TSA security quickly doesn't happen at LAX or SFO!

There are many reasons why people traveling through California hate flying out of LAX the most, with SFO airport in close second.

There are, however, some really neat hidden gems located inside each of them that makes going there fun, as I'll show you below!

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The One California Airport People Hate to Fly Out of the Most
LAX Airport, Canva

I have always loved airports. My mom used to work for American Airlines and so we would get to travel for cheap (no, it wasn't for free, but it was the next best thing).

In my early 20s, I wanted to be a flight attendant for Southwest Airlines. I didn't make it past the second interview, darn it!

My favorite airport is Seattle International Airport. It's close by where I live, it has cool artwork, and I've traveled out of there so much, I pretty much know exactly where to go to reach my departure gate.

My next favorite airport would have to be in Las Vegas! The Harry Reid Airport might seem over the top, especially if you tend to get over stimulated by bright lights, but it has slot machines to play while you wait! I also love the fact that I can get through the TSA security check fairly quickly.

No matter which airport you're traveling from, it's a good idea to arrive a couple hours before your flight and depending on your airport, be prepared for long wait times and large crowds.

One cool place to relax at LAX Airport...

Check out the Santa Monica Brew Works in the Tom Bradley International wing at the Los Angeles International Airport:


Here's something awesome to see at SFO Airport in San Fran:

The San Francisco Airport has the Wag Brigade: a group of therapy pets to help calm down passengers. How adorable is THIS?!




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SFO also has the coolest thing I've heard of an airport having (besides the slot machines at the Vegas airport): a SILENT DISCO!


There are a couple other hidden gems, as you'll see in the gallery below. I mean, you can get to practically anywhere in the world you want to go through Los Angeles or San Francisco, but there are many reasons why flying out of SFO or LAX is not for the faint of heart.

7 Reasons Why Travelers Don't Like Flying Out of LAX and SFO Airports:

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