It’s kind of hard for my brain to fathom, but Washington state contains some seven million people. I would say that about twenty percent of us are reading our stories, articles, and insights on an annual basis.

There is stiff competition for catching the eyes of our readers, so whenever I begin to write an article, I always think about what stories and topics my readers want to see when they are scrolling. I also think about what kinds of news and lifestyle stories catch my eye when I’m reading local news stories. I explore alternate angles I can put on an existing story that either I’ve personally written about or that I’ve seen other regional and national writers do.

Exploring Curiosity: Unveiling the Surprising Reader Favorites of 2023 in WA, CA, and OR

Looking Back at the Top Stories of 2023 in WA, CA, OR

Check out our list below of the most popular read stories in 2023. While you love to read the stories we covered about local crime, food and cuisine, and UFO and Bigfoot sightings in Washington, Oregon, and California, it’s really interesting that these fun lifestyle topics were NOT amongst our list of top read stories of 2023.

Engaging Polls: Uncovering Washington's Unique Accent and Local Favorites

We had some fun with poll questions in 2023. Some of the most popular polls included the one about how to tell if you have a “Washington State Accent” or not. It was fun to poke at the unique ways we say certain words in Washington state, including, surprisingly, the word WASHINGTON!

We also asked you about where the next Trader Joe’s location should be (Central Washington), where to find the best tasting pizza crust (Bron Yr-Aur in Naches), which places are the best to go on a romantic date night in Seattle (The Pink Door), and the dirtiest sounding city names in California and Oregon, and cougar sightings.

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Tell us what stories you would like to read about in 2024!

Our stories about strange real estate, odd weather facts, surprising food recalls, and lists of bizarre things that we are not allowed to do were the most popular favorites. Check out our list below.

Looking Back at Our Top Most Read Stories of 2023 in CA, WA, OR

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