Sometimes things get so strange (Coronavirus) that the only thing you can do is laugh!  That being true, there should be a whole lot of laughin' goin' on!

So we thought we would share the parody song we played today on the Morning News.

The bit is based on Michael Jackson's Billie Jean.

"Billie Jean" was a nine week number one hit off the Thriller album, written by Michael Jackson.  The 1983 song was certified 6 times Platinum, selling over ten million copies world wide and was determined to be the number two song of all of 1983.

That's a pretty good pedigree for a parody.  Most of us are familiar enough with the melody to be able to appreciate the cleverness of the lyrics set to the iconic tune.


The project is one of many video parodies put together by the Holderness family.  The Dad, Penn, is an 18 year veteran of the TV who quit the news business to run a video production/digital marketing company.

His wife Kim is a TV veteran too and the couple has a couple of kids, Lola and Penn Charles. As the parents say "They eat their vegetables, never throw tantrums in public places, and are always respectful of their parents. (THIS IS A LIE)."


What they all are is fun and funny and worth a listen!

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