The 2021 general election is set for Tuesday, November 2.  On the ballot, there will be the names of people who will have the power to make decisions that could affect you and your family's lives.  Shouldn't you get to know them a little bit?  Shouldn't you see where they say they stand on issues of importance to you?  Put a face to a name?

The Mission is on!

Back in September, The Yakima County Republican Women's Club held a County commissioner candidates forum and they are back at it again with the non-partisan city council and school board candidates.

 Think about decisions such as critical race theory, sex education in our schools, local COVID protocols, etc.  On the city council side of things, there are decisions to be made about things like budgets, gang violence, homelessness, and more...Important decisions to be made by quality people invested and willing to show up, do the work and help make out communities better.  Do you know them, can you trust them, can you work with them if necessary? Can you pick them out of a line-up!

Forums Are Happening Now

Your chance to find out more about who they are is coming up tomorrow for lower valley cities and Thursday for the upper valley communities.

The Republican Women's Club is holding a couple of candidate forums.  Club President Ann Bowman says the plan is to schedule one meeting for upper valley school board candidates as well as city council candidates.  Each community will have an assigned area and candidates will meet their potential constituents and have five minutes each to make their official "candidate statement" and the rest of the hour will be spent answering voter's questions.

October 5th  Toppenish Eagles  6 pm School board  7 pm City Council

October 7th Yakima Gateway Hotel   6 pm School board  7 pm City Council

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