The Summer heat has hit us hard this summer, and you need some new ways to cool off. Sometimes a dip in the pool or a run through a sprinkler just isn't enough, so why not grab a sweet treat?

Instead of heading to the fast food places around Yakima for your ice cream why not stop by one of the many Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt shops that the Yakima Valley has to offer. We found Five places that will leave you coming back for more this summer and then some. Check out the list below and go grab yourself a nice refreshing sweet treat.

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5.) Kings Scoop

Ever had the pleasure of eating at Kings Row in Selah? Then there's a good chance youve seen the small building behind it that specializes in fresh soft serve ice cream and shakes. Pefect for a quick stop and grab while you're out and about running errands or just looking for a quick bite to eat. They have delcious flavors in all different forms and ones that'll leave you wanting more.

4.) Peppermint Stick Drive-In

The Pepprmint stick Drive-In is a great place to get your ice cream, especially if you love it in the form of a shake. They do shakes the old fashioned way with freshly made icecream, you just can't find it like this anymore at the other fast food places. So go treat yourself with a delicious cheese burger, fries, and a shake to wash it all down.

3.) Glaciers Frozen Yogurt

This place is amazing, they rotate their flavors to fit the season, wether it's freezing cold out or it's hotter than the devils briches they'll have something perfect to cool you off or curb that sweet tooth craving.

2.) Yo Yo Yakima Frozen Yogurt

Frozen Yogurt is just as good as ice cream not to mention it's self-serve and you can pick your toppings. Head in today grab a cup and fill it to your heart's content. Not only is it delicious but it's good for you.

1.) Icy Tai Rolled Ice Cream 

Rolled Ice cream is all the rage on TikTok and Instagram, freshly made ice cream with your own hand-picked ingredients to make flavors that are out of this world. They use a cold plate to dump the cream on and mix in your chosen toppings, creating a sweet tasty blend of ice cream that they roll up put into a cup, and then drizzle chocolate sauce or others of your choosing. It's a place you gotta try at least once in your life.

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