See what happens when you have helicopter parents hovering, eliminate dodgeball at recess, put an iphone in every clammy young hand and a video game remote in the other.

Your grandchildren, the kids of your once lean and active kids are now overweight and unhealthy,  CNN, reporting on a study published in the Lancet, says ten times more kids and teens are obese today than they were 40 years ago!

The number of obese children and teens used to be around 11 million but the number has ballooned, along with the children, growing to 124-million in 2016!  Slightly more boys than girls tipped the scales toward obesity with 7.8% of boys compared to 5.6 of girls.

In addition to clinical obesity, an additional 213 million children and adolescents were overweight - about 5.6 percent of girls and 7.8 percent of boys being obese last year.

What's the solution?  Give us your thoughts.

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