What do you take for a headache? Well unless you got it from drinking too many beers, you may want to try, well, a couple of beers! That's good news Yakima Valley Hops producers!

But don't take my word for it. The suggestion come from a research published in The Journal of Pain!  In fact, the report suggests that two pints of beer will ease your aches better than a painkiller will.  Fellas, this info comes to you free of charge from your friends at KIT!

Study leaders say they have found strong evidence that alcohol is an effective painkiller by  conducting 18 studies which showed beer can cut discomfort by 25 percent when your body's blood alcohol level hits 0.08 percent. (Keep in mind that's the threshold for D.U.I.)

A concluding thought before you employ this new found strategy -even though the study suggests a few beers will help ease your pain better than painkillers will, remember to drink responsibly.  Drinking too much can cause you more issues in the long run.  (Elite Daily)



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