There is an awful lot of confusion out there about the availability of the Coronavirus vaccine so we thought we would have a quick conversation with Yakima County Commissioner Amanda McKinney and get the latest.

First thing...the Governor says more vaccine is headed to Washington state and it is sorely needed even though as of Monday 1/25/21 over a half million does has already been given out with 13,500 of those in Yakima County.

Second thing,,, the demand is overwhelming.  The Washington State Department of Health figures the 65 and over population to be around 1-point-1 million individuals with another 300-thousand persons over 50 living in multigenerational homes, all eligible to receive the vaccine.

Third thing...Yakima County and jurisdictions across the state have been directed to prepare facilities for mass vaccinations now for use when the federal delivery can supply the need.  Commissioner McKinney says Yakima is now ready with facilities at the Yakima County Fairgrounds next to the current testing site. She tells us that when the vaccine arrives, Yakima is ready.



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