We spend a lot of time talking about the Coronavirus, masks, lock down isolation and on and on and on....I can't wait for

So here are a couple of the side effects of all this that maybe you haven't thought about.
Let's start with you're eyes. William Shakespeare wrote that "your eyes are the window to your soul".
Harry Warren and Johnny Mercer (not quite as famous as Shakespeare) wrote "Jeepers Creepers, where'd ya get those peepers?  Jeepers Creepers, where'd ya get those eyes?"  
My point is that the widespread wearing of masks is putting face focus on the area around our eyes and not everybody loves what they see.  Top Plastic Surgery Trends reports it’s driving some people to get botox and cosmetic surgery.
New York City Plastic surgeon, Dr. Melissa Doft, says she has never been busier due to the business world time shift. The fact that many people are still working remotely has caused a big surge in demand for elective procedures, specifically those around the eyes because taking down-time to recover now is not an issue.
Sarah Quinn, medical director at Arcadia Wellness Center in Arizona says, “We’ve seen almost a 30% increase in people asking for mid-and upper-face injections. Whether it’s Botox around the eyes or a Botox brow lift, the requests for injections stem from the fact that we’re all wearing masks, but still want to feel confident in the way we look.” 
So while the Coronavirus has millions of American out of work and on the ropes, some professions are doing better than ever.  Some products are enjoying growing sales as well.  Maybe you even helped contribute to it?
One result of millions more of us spending a lot of time at home since the pandemic began in March, is the booming sales of new mattresses.
The Business Insider reports people are spending less time and money eating out or going on vacations, so consumers are putting more money into their homes and the things that make them feel good-- like a comfy new mattress.
And it’s not just traditional mattresses that are getting all the attention—the increase in people working from home means adjustable mattresses are seeing an uptick in sales as well.
Furniture e-commerce site Wayfair reports seeing sales growth across all categories—adding five million new customers last quarter, more than the company netted in the past year.




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