Last Saturday March 20, 2021 was the first day of Spring.  Spring cleaning, yard work and walks with the dog will soon be in full swing.  The City of Yakima wants you to know that you can clean and garden as you like but dog owners in the City of Yakima are asked to remember Yakima Municipal Code (YMC) regarding their pets.

They include:

  • Dogs must be on leash in city limits and not allowed to roam at large.
  • Owners must pick up their dog’s feces, especially at City parks such as the dog park at Randall Park.
  • Dogs must be registered and licensed.

Sounds like simple courtesy and consideration, right? You wouldn't even think we would need an ordinance to nudge compliance...BUT...since people are as unique as their dogs it is apparent that some "teeth" in the rules are in order.

Animal Control Officer Anthony Diaz says, “These city codes exist for the health and safety of the public and their animals...we appreciate the community’s help in following these codes and being considerate pet owners.”

Violations of the above result in fines. Click Chapter 6.20 ANIMAL CONTROL ( for the complete YMC regarding dog control.  For more information call 575-6038 or e-mail Diaz at

Your dog isn't able to get into Yakima City Hall due to COVID-19 restrictions, so you and it will need to go online for a dog licensing and registration form.  Find the info you need at  Microsoft Word – 2012 Dog License App updated 08202012.doc ( and the completed form can be e-mailed to .

Dogs can also be licensed at the Yakima Humane Society.

As you walk about enjoying the Yakima Valley sunshine with your dog you may see some dogs that aren't living their best lives. If you see pets that appear to be neglected, you can report your concerns to the City’s animal control hotline at 509-575-6038. You can also submit complaints and photos about the concern through the City’s Yak Back app on the City website at

If you take your dog for a walk this weekend, how about taking a picture and sharing with us at .


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