According the website the ten most popular dog names in the country are:

Top 10 Dog Names
1. Bella
2. Bailey
3. Max
4. Lucy
5. Molly
6. Buddy
7. Daisy
8. Maggie
9. Charlie
10. Sophie

So whether it’s Bella, Bailey or Buddy, Today is National Take Your Dog to Work Day, started by Pet Sitters International as a way to encourage pet adoption.

This day of the dog is always held on the Friday following Father’s Day and encourages folks to bring their four-legged friends to the job – something not all employers approve.

A survey from Wellness Natural Pet Food found that 48% of Americans wish that they could bring their pets to work while just 12 percent of those surveyed said their pets are allowed in their workplace.

Whether it’s today or some day in the future keep these tips in mind when Max makes his way to work

--DO tell your co-workers what is reasonable for your dog in regard to treats and commands.
--DO make sure you have clean-up materials for any accident your pet might have.
--DO make sure your dog is well-trained, socialized and housebroken before being brought into the office.

--DON'T forget to take a break and go for a walk.
--DON'T leave your dog unattended
--DON'T forget to bring a water bowl, quiet toys, treats, and a leash. (Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

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