Red Robin Offers Local Educators a Thank-You Lunch
If you are teacher, a bus driver or an educator with your valid school ID and are willing to dine in with Red Robin for your dedication to our children's future and for all your hard work, they want to offer you a Double Tavern Burger and bottomless steak fries. Yum!
Are You Making What You Are Worth In Yakima?
I've been a radio broadcaster since I was 18, working my way up the ladder in the broadcasting world so my knowledge of what other people earn in Yakima hasn't been something I'd readily know.
I was doing research on another article and it occurred to me that may be I wasn't the only interested in ho…
Yakima needs teachers!
Teachers are in short supply across the state these days. In fact, there's a major shortage in the Yakima School District that's affecting education.
Kirsten Fitterer, director of Community and Public Relations for the district, says local schools have 12 full-time teacher positions open an…
Teacher shortage means plentiful problems
A state Senate "listening tour' about education made a stop in Yakima on Tuesday, drawing hundreds of teachers, parents and students who came to voice their concerns about educational issues including teachers shortages.
Teachers in the Yakima School District are getting scarcer and scarcer, whi…

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