Chalet Starbucks To Close
It's hard to imagine a Starbucks closing in Yakima, but looks like the one at the Chalet Mall on Summitview Avenue will be shuttering their doors by summer's end.
I think the last time we had a Starbucks closure in Yakima was at the Top Foods location back in 2008.
Union Gap IHOP Restraurant Closing
Dozens of workers will be out of a job when the IHOP in Union Gap closes next month. The pancake house will shut down on Veteran's Day after more than 40 years in the area.  About 30 employees got the news this week.
The owner says he is closing because IHOP's corporate offices are mov…
Cold Stone Creamery To Close In Yakima
The next Yakima business to close shop is Cold Stone Creamery which plans on closing it's doors after Labor Day. Unlike the recently announced Borders, only this location of Cold Stone is closing, not the entire company.