Bat Signal at L.A. City Hall Honors Adam West
On June 9, everyone heard the news that a part of our childhood had passed. We knew him as Batman, the Caped Crusader. Adam West died last week at the age of 88.  We all have special memories of that campy 1960s "Batman" TV series.
Remembering Adam West, the First Best Batman
My 18-month-old daughter is suddenly very into superheroes. Every night before bed we do story time; this week she’s become obsessed with a board book called My First Batman Book. Since she likes when I sing the words of her books to her, I naturally began singing the theme to the classic 196…
TV Memorabilia at Baseball Bat Museum
LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) — It's a museum dedicated to the Louisville Slugger baseball bat. But the museum is also going to be home to some heavy hitters in TV and movies. The museum is making room for exhibits featuring Batman, Superman and Luke Skywalker of "Star Wars" fame…