As I was geeking out this past Saturday, surrounded by Funko Pops, vintage Star Wars action figures, Pokemon cards, statues, CGC graded comic books, superhero toys, and every sort of collectible item you could think of, I realized how fortunate we are!

I listen to quite a few comic book podcasts, and a comment I often hear is how many people don't have a local comic and collectible store. If you had asked me 20 years ago, which stores would be out of business: movie rental stores (Blockbuster, Hollywood Video), music stores (Off The Record, Sam Goody), or book and comic book stores? I never would have guessed that books specializing in the printed word and pictures would be the ones that would have survived, much less thrived!

I've written many articles dealing with collectibles and have even done a few Comic Crawls in my continuous effort to find kick-ass stuff that will look great on my shelf! But the one thing I just realized is how many stores we have in the Yakima Valley that focus on all things nerdy, geeky, incredible, & collectible!

Batman holding up comics
DC Comics - TSM/Timmy!

This isn't just for comic books and cards, but statues, toys, games, clothing, movies, cartoons, swag! I brainstormed all the places in the Yakima Valley to help you with your fandom, or if you're looking to start a new hobby, these are great places to get started!

13 Stores In The Yakima Valley To Let Your Nerd Flag Fly!

Here are the places that share in many of our loves of all things pop culture & nerdy fandom! Check out these local shops for whatever you may collect! If they don't have it, they can point you in the right direction... but they probably have it In no particular order! 

Gallery Credit: tsm/Timmy!

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