I’m a massive fan of Batman, but who isn’t? I even have my version of a Batmobile; it looks more like Batman bought a Geo-Metro, but it’s mine, black, and has a little fin. It works for me. I might have to reevaluate how big of a fan I am, especially compared to this guy!

My cousin Ben spotted this “Budget Batman” patrolling for crime eastbound on I84 towards downtown Portland, Oregon. His car not only had all the makings of a DIY Batmobile but a Gambler 500 decal along with a White Claw Logo!


This raises so many questions. I know Seattle has its own superhero with Phoenix Jones, but could this Batmobile driver be the superhero Portland deserves? Instead of a Batcave, could he have his very own Bat-Condo? Does he have several crushed flat White Claw Cans that can act as makeshift batarangs? Instead of a Utility belt, does he have a “Bat-Fanny Pack”? (Thanks to Alfred Carcieri for that Bat-joke).


Toyota Corolla made over Batmobile
Pic Courtesy of Ben Tilley

I may be poking fun at possibly Portland’s ‘Greatest Detective’, but in all honesty, I’m jealous. He has the skills and imagination to turn his Toyota Corolla into a piece of art (remember, art is in the eye of the beholder). The car is driving on the interstate, so clearly, it’s working, and he’s out living his best life possible. Good for him, whoever he is!


With as much crime as Portland has been having as of late, it might be turning into a real-life Gotham City, and if that’s the case, Portland might as well have its own Batman!


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