Sunshine, warm temperatures, what's not to love about Summer?  How about depression later in life?

New research out of the UK  finds the youngest children in the academic school year are 30 percent more likely to develop mental health problems compared to those born in the first three months of the year.  Cold weather - cooler headed kids?

Study leaders say young kids who compare themselves to others a year older will see some major differences in physical and mental capabilities which is part of the problem with confidence and self-esteem. In addition teachers also have expectations of certain behaviors that older kids may be able to do but with which younger kids struggle - which can also lead to frustration and depression. As a result researchers says teachers need to be aware of these things, and pay particular attention to the younger children in their classes, encouraging group work so that they don’t feel so different to their peers..

If your child or grandchild is the youngest in their class, it's reasonable to suggest that you keep an eye on their mood and sense of inclusion as well as their academic progress.





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