Drunken or other impaired driving this holiday season will be met with a strong and determined police presence.

In a press release sent by the Washington State Patrol, this holiday season will see many emphasis patrols around the state funded by the Washington State Traffic Commission.

"Keeping your families together and our roads safe is our first priority this holiday season," said Traffic Safety Commission Director Darrin Grondel.

In the press release, the State Patrol also emphasized safe driving habits.

Although enforcement is a key component of changing driver behavior, seat belts and other occupant protection devices are saving lives as well. Being a sober driver protects you from yourself; buckling up helps protect you from the irresponsible driver.

There will be a total of 120 law enforcement agencies involved in the holiday emphasis patrol. They will use data to determine the most likely areas for a DUI and focus much of their energy there.

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