Authorities are looking for people who drink and drive this upcoming New Year's Eve. The Washington State Patrol has joined 11 other state law enforcement agencies with emphasis patrols over the New Year’s Holiday.

Despite ongoing education many people in Washington still drink and drive

Last year between Christmas and New Year’s Day, the Washington State Patrol made 359 arrests for impaired driving. State officials say an average of 300 people die in the United States every year during the week between Christmas and New Year’s. 10,000 people were killed nationwide last year in impaired driving crashes accounting for nearly one-third of the yearly driving fatalities.

State officials are working with 11 states in the emphasis patrols

Washington State Patrol Chief John R. Batiste stated; “We enjoy the opportunity to work with our neighbors of the west to give a unified message to the traveling public - Slow down! Drive sober and pay attention! And know that law enforcement works together and will always do what is necessary to keep dangerous drivers off our roads and keep you safe during the holidays.”
The Western States Traffic Safety Coalition (WSTSC) is made up of 11 states that include the Arizona Department of Public Safety, California Highway Patrol, Colorado State Patrol, Idaho State Police, Montana Highway Patrol, Nevada Highway Patrol, Oregon State Police, South Dakota Highway Patrol, Utah Highway Patrol, Washington State Patrol, and the Wyoming Highway Patrol.

Authorities say if you plan to party make sure you plan ahead

Washington State Patrol Troopers say remember - driving impaired by any substance-alcohol or drugs, whether legal or illegal-is against the law in all states.
If you are planning on drinking New Year's Eve authorities urge you to plan ahead and never drink and drive.

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