The city hopes you will see fewer drunk drivers on the streets all over Yakima.

As part of this new program, the city has started taking cars away from people who have multiple DUI's.

This is the brainchild of Assistant City Attorney Bronson Faul. He got the idea from a similar program the city already uses regarding drugs.

It has taken about a year to get the program running, but Faul says the goal is basic.

"It's a tool to remove the vehicles from people who drink and drive," he said.

Faul says every month he runs a report to see who's been arrested for DUI's, and then investigates.

The city released a YouTube video to explain the program.

The video will help locals understand the program that is geared toward keeping everyone safe.

"I think we need to teach our young people and older people, with the alcohol level being what it is, you need to be safe," a local resident said.

If you are convicted of two or more DUI's, your car will be temporarily stored in a secure location. You will go before a hearing examiner who will decide if you get your car back, or if the city will keep it and auction it off.

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