Kids involved in area after school programs will have the opportunity to see the great outdoors again this year and for many kids it's their only chance.

Have you ever heard of  “nature deficit disorder?”  Researchers say kids who have it come to it by way of a little or no contact with nature, resulting in a higher incidence of childhood stress, obesity, and disengagement.  The antidote -- outdoor education programs featuring interaction with nature, resulting in improved self-esteem, health, academic performance, personal responsibility, and community involvement.

Sounds great but how do you fund it?  Enter the Washington State Legislature's "No Child Left Inside" grant program. The state provides $75-thousand dollars to the Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic's Outdoor Adventure program​ for experiences like hiking, camping, swimming, backpacking, outdoor cooking, and environmental outdoor education for young people with limited access to Washington’s State and National Parks.

Farm Workers Education Services Manager Adrian Almanza said. “Additionally, the grant helps connect youth with new careers, exposes them to new geographic areas, and encourages families to explore the outdoor resources in our state.”



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