Let’s face it. Nobody likes climbing into an ice cold bed.  That’s why somebody smart invented the electric blanket and it’s also why an entrepreneurial woman in Russia has a new job!

According to the UK Mirror, a woman from Russia will heat up the sheets -- for a price. Viktoria Ivachyova, age 21, charges $81 per night or $1,684 per month to lay in strangers' beds for an hour to ensure they are nice and warm when they turn in.

Sounds totally fine and above board, right?  But apparently it is!

She said she tells clients they can be in the room while she warms their bed, but there is to be no physical contact between them. To enforce these rules, she carries a panic button to call for a security team in case anyone decides they want more than they paid for.

After a client books a slot she arrives before their bedtime, puts on her pajamas, and lays on their bed for an hour. The client is allowed to talk to her during this time, if they want to. Viktoria says she's a good listener and some men even chat about their problems.

So how’s it working out?  Her services are in such high demand that she's putting together a team of female bed warmers.  (Mirror)


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