All the smoke and haze here in the Yakima Valley has kept lines shorter than usual at the Central Washington State Fair.

However thousands still spent thousands of dollars to get through the gates. Yet some parents had reservations.

"The air quality is horrible for him," said mother, Michelle Rosen.

Michelle's son Seth has severe allergies. He's been held back from recess and other outdoor activities -- until now. Still, Michelle says she'll keep a close eye on him.

"It really has affected his lungs and stuff," said Michelle. "He's been really coughing today, but it's not as bad as before. If I notice any coughing or he's struggling with his breathing, then we'll go home."

If empty picnic tables and no lines are any indication, it seems many people chose to just stay home. Waiting and hoping tomorrow's fair brings clearer air.

Vendors say they were actually busier this opening weekend than last year. It's possible the air quality might actually drive people inside to look around and spend some money.