In a society driven by appearances, perhaps there is nothing to smile about, or at least there shouldn't be, if you want to keep up appearances!  Allow me to explain.

Researchers from Israel asked study participants to guess the age of 35 men and 35 women by only seeing photos of their faces. The subjects ultimately said that smiling people looked older due to the wrinkles around their eyes. Smile lines make you look old? What? That's not fair.

The Daily Mail reports that in a second experiment the participants were asked to recall the results of the first experiment, and this second time around  they strangely remembered the smiling faces as being younger.  Confused?   Me too.

The scientists think the result of the second experiment came about because humans are conditioned to associate smiling with being youthful.

A third experiment revealed that faces showing a look of surprise appeared youngest of all.   SO, looking surprised at the results of this study is the best way to appear young!  Good Luck!

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