The Yakima County Sheriff's Office reports that a card skimmer was found inside a convenience store in the 8300 Block of Ahtanum Road, reportedly the Ahtanum General Store. The news release from the Sheriff's Office didn't identify the store, but the Ahtanum General Store is the only store in that area.
Detectives say employees of the business started getting complaints about the machine on Wednesday and an employee found a skimming device on the pin pad terminal that looked like the original equipment. They say the device slid seamlessly on top of the store’s original equipment. It was made of the same material and difficult to recognize without close examination.
According to a news release from the Yakima County Sheriff's Office,
"The Yakima County Sheriff’s Office would encourage anyone who has difficulty with a business’ credit/debit card terminal to bring it to an employee’s attention and have them check their machine. If any type of skimming device is located, contact law enforcement immediately. If you had a difficulty in using your credit/debit card at a business card terminal recently we encourage you to check your account."
Detectives say at this time there are no known victims and the investigation is ongoing.

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