One of the most iconic stories told in comic book history is known as The Long Halloween. It follows Batman in his earlier days trying to find the most daring serial killer he's come across yet.

This story was so influential and a new way to tell a Batman story without overfocusing on his main rogue galleries such as the Joker, Penguin, or two faces, and focusing solely on the mafia inside Gotham city.

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This would go on to inspire movies such as Batman Begins and the entire Dark Knight Trilogy, The Batman starring Robert Pattinson, and a plethora of other superhero films. However the artist of these stories Tim Sale did much more than just inspire movies and television, he worked on them. His art was featured in the TV series Heroes which was mainly seen by a super-powered being who could paint the future. He also did the art behind some of the most famous Batman-centric stories to date.

Tim Sale was born in New York but was raised in Seattle and used some of it as an inspiration for his art. Including stories of Superman, Batman, Captain America, and even the X-men. Tim Sale was known for attending every local Seattle Comic book convention, he was a true Seattle Mariners fan being seen wearing his mariner's hat at every location.

Sadly Tim Sale passed away at a Seattle Hospital due to health complications at the age of 66 due to kidney failure as reported by Richard Starkings who was a close friend.

To view some of Tim Sales iconic art you can follow the link below to his Instagram.

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Tim Sale (@sale_tim) • Instagram photos and videos

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