The other day, while watching the Mariners play, I received a phone call from a long-time friend, and we started to catch up about our "Glory Days" of years long past. There were some great memories that we both laughed about.

The KATS KAT /Jack Balzer
The KATS KAT /Jack BalzerThe KATS KAT /Jack Balzer

When we were both starting to work in the media and getting into situations that we never thought we would get into. The one thing that we said "Never Say Never" was covering for the person is the mascot suit during a sporting event or radio remote broadcast, etc.

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We learn these incredible performers are a walking army of athletic amazement and crazy fun. We spend time with Seattle Sonic's Squatch, Boomer from the Indiana Pacer, Phoenix's Go the Gorilla, and Denver Nuggets' Rocky the Mountain Lion.

We can't forget the dance teams of the LA Lakers, Portland Trail Blazers, and the Seattle Supersonics, to name a few.

Sonics Mascot
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Did you know that there is a Mascot Hall of Fame? It's true! My favorite mascot is the San Diego Chicken. And the Chicken was inducted in the first class back in 2005.

Cincinnati Reds v San Diego Padres
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But What about those mascots that are kind of forgettable? The lesser-known, who live in obscurity. The ones that make you wonder why! From Major League Baseball to XFL.  Now is the time to scratch your head and cast your vote for your most forgettable mascot. And we start with MLB.

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