A Yakima, WA doctor by the name of Matt Uhlman loves him some bacon cheeseburgers. His kids do too. For those about to chomp, we salute you.

Matt and his family like to hit the road and go on adventures in search of the best burgers in Washington. (and tomorrow...the world?)

The Search Begins For The Best Burgers

What started out as a bit of boredom during the pandemic soon grew into a full family traveling foodie show. Think Anthony Bourdain with kids and a narrower, more specific palate  - at least for now.   (Unlike Andrew Zimmern of Bizarre Food, I get the sense that Matt would likely eat at a random place called the "Scrawny Black Kitty" but that he wouldn't actually EAT a scrawny black kitty.)

According to Matt's Facebook page, he and the herd have spent the past 18 months searching high and low in the Washington Burger Quest.  He says it started as a request by one of the kids and grew into a mild full family obsession.

We put around 15k miles on the van in search of burgers that deserved the titles. We tried burgers from over 60 places in every corner of the state, including places only accessible by boat!


Setting Up A Food Adventure

That serious quest for quality culinary commitment has cemented some significant family bonding experiences for the Uhlman's and it could do the same for your family too.
The kids used a five-star rating system and for fairness & consistency in comparison, the burger order is always the same:
  • Bacon Cheeseburger
  • French Fries or Onion Rings
  • Chocolate Shake
Doctor Matt says the  "degree of hunger" at the time of consumption remains an uncontrolled variable!
The top 10 showcased some incredible burgers from all over the state and separated themselves from the competition!  So without further ado or extra condiments, here are:

Tthe Uhlman Family's Top Ten in the Washington Burger Quest

Dr. Matt's Top Ten Burgers In Washington

Apologies to #9 - Spiffy's in Morton...the picture of the burger looked so good apparently Jacksonian ate it...oops.
Dr. Matt Uhlman spoke with us on the radio about the process and how much fun he and the family had on their quest.

And why just talk cheeseburgers when you can sing along.

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