Do you speed on Yakima city roads? Maybe you don't but a lot of your friends and neighbors do according to Yakima Police. They say speed is an ongoing problem on main roads in Yakima the reason why speed patrols continue in both the city of Yakima and the city of Union Gap.


During the week of August 6  through August 12 Officers made 792 traffic stops and issued 358 citations. They investigated 30 collisions with 16 the result of drivers not stopping for a red light. Police say despite the emphasis patrols and the number of crashes reported from not stopping at red lights the problem continues. 13 people were arrested for DUI during the week.


Yakima Police are asking drivers to be careful when near at at the three intersections in the city that have seen a majority of crashes over the last 6 months.
The intersections in the city of Yakima are located at;

Nob Hll and South Fair Avenue.
Nob Hill and I-82 westside ramps.
Yakima Avenue and I-82 westside ramps.

Police say numerous crashes have been reported in intersections over the last 6 months. Police say all the crashes have been the result of drivers not stopping for a red light.


Before the pandemic vehicle theft was a huge problem in Yakima with an average of 500 to 700 vehicles stolen every year. But recent statistics show vehicle theft down dramatically in 2021 and 2022. Yakima Police say 205 vehicles were stolen in the city in all of 2021 and 279 were stolen in 2022.
However it looks like the thieves are busy again in 2023. So far police say 217 vehicles have been stolen half way through the year. They say if the rate continues Yakima will likely be back to traditional numbers seen for years when thefts ranged between 500 and 700 vehicles.

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