The Canadian government has hopes the 12 member nations involved in the Trans-Pacific Partnership can reach an agreement before the weekend. More importantly, the government hopes the deal can be wrapped up ahead of the countries October elections. Canadian government officials said recently that Canada is preparing to open the border to more American milk, without getting reciprocal access for Canadian dairy farmers in the United States. A spokesperson for Dairy Farmers of Canada told the Canadian Press "the industry will never accept that,” and that if it does happen, "there's going to be a war."

Most Americans think the Endangered Species Act is outdated and needs to be revised. The survey shows 63 percent of Americans support modernizing the ESA and that 62 percent of Americans believe the act should help with species recovery, as opposed to merely cataloging changes in their populations. The survey also found 69 percent of Americans want the federal government to offer resources to third parties to help species recovery and 49 percent of Americans believe that state or local authorities, rather than the federal government, lead in recovery of endangered and threatened species.

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