**A state determination that Southern California steelhead trout need additional protections could mean tighter water restrictions.

On April 18, the California Fish and Game Commission unanimously agreed listing the Southern California steelhead as endangered under the state Endangered Species Act is warranted.

Increased protections for the fish would affect water users and districts in several Southern California counties.

Ag groups and water districts argue there’s not enough scientific evidence to warrant the listing.

World's Largest Farm Expo Showcases Latest Farming Technology
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**Low commodity prices, high input costs, and disappointing 2023 growing season results are influencing farmer decisions this year.

The “2024 Farmer Speaks” survey reveals farmers are taking a more conservative approach in their decision-making driven by concerns about short-term prospects and long-term finances.

Fertilizer remains the primary focus for adjustments despite more moderate prices.

Farmers say their intent to buy more ag equipment has dropped 24% in one year.

Balance Of Power At Stake As Midterm Elections Draw Near
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**A bipartisan group of Senators are calling for better interagency coordination in the federal response to the avian flu outbreak.

The senators are urging the USDA to work with the FDA, the Centers for Disease Control, and others, as it addresses avian flu cases.

They say previous outbreaks have benefited when the USDA brought in the brightest minds to lessen the potential economic and societal cost of the spread.

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