We all eat fast food, or have, we all have our favorite chain, meals, and items. However, there are five fast food places that are loved the most in Washington and we found the list.

Whether you're in and out of drive-thru's on a daily basis or only go out once a week for a special treat you may be surprised to learn whether or not your favorite place is one of the most popular in Washington.

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5.) McDonald's

This one surprised me, I suppose I expected it to be higher on the list, but times have changed. Mcdonald's was without a doubt the most popular fast-food chain in all of America for a time but over the years that's changed. A regular old hamburger and fries just don't cut it anymore I guess.

4.) Wendys

This one also shocked me because I expected it to be. higher on the list, Wendys has surpassed multiple restaurants to end up in the top five, there's something for everyone there, burgers chicken sandwiches ice cream and it all has that classic old fashion style they've been known for since they opened.

3.) Pizza Hut

Who ya gonna call on football Sunday or for your kid's sleepover? Well, it's in their catchphrase, no one out pizzas the hut. They have record numbers and for good reason, are fast, easy, and tasty.

2.) Five Guys

People were skeptical when Five Guys came onto the fast-food scene, with burgers and fries tossed in a bag with no special wrappings, and a plethora of peanuts in big bins around the store for you to eat at your leisure. It almost felt chaotic but it quickly became a staple of the store that focuses on making good food over marketing. The Burgers and fries practically sell themselves.

1.) Chick-Fil-A

I remember when we got our first Chick-Fil-A in Washington, funny enough I don't think there are that many locations across the state itself at all, but somehow it still ended up at number one on the list of the most popular fast food places in all of Washington. People must really love their chicken sandwiches and that delicious sauce of theirs.

This list comes from the most bought food around the entire state, if you think your favorite place should be on this list send a message thru the app and let us know!

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