The Yakima Valley has had some beautiful days this summer, but it's not over yet. We'll be enjoying nice sunny weather well into fall from the sounds of it. With all this sun it's nice to enjoy the outside, so we started looking into places where you could go enjoy a nice meal in the wide open spaces.

We found five different spots in the Yakima Valley where you can not only order food but take it outside and enjoy your meal, no we're not talking about McDonald's or Wendys, we're talking about real restaurants with outdoor seating and gorgeous views. Just check out the list below and let us know your favorite spot.

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5.) WaterFire Restaurant bar and grill

That's right WaterFire has its own outdoor seating to go along with its amazing menu. If you're looking for a special date night or just a delicious dinner for the family this is a great place to check out. You can find them at 4000 creekside loop

4.) Cowichie Canyon Grill and Ice Bar

Right in the heart of Downtown Yakima with some of the most delicious farm-to-table food you're gonna find, not only do they have a delicious and stacked menu but they also offer outdoor seating for you to enjoy the gorgeous Yakima Weather.

3.) Bills Place

One of the oldest bars in Washington and rightfully so as it's stayed current, keeping up with all the changes of the world while staying true to its original message. A place for people to eat, drink and feel like they're at a home away from home. But did you know they had outdoor seating? Enjoy some history in the Yakima valley while also enjoying delish food and ice-cold drinks.

2.) Bale Breaker Brewery 

Bale Breaker Brewery is right where the magic is made, well if you consider beer magic, which we do. Get some fresh beer on tap, enjoy local food trucks, and stay for the outdoor seating including covered areas so you can stay cool in the shade.

1.) 2nd Street Grill 

2nd Street grill is hands down my favorite place to bring visitors from the Yakima Valley, I fell in love with this place the first time I ate there, and wouldn't you know it, we were sitting outside. Now it's tradition to bring friends and family who visit and sit outside while enjoying their amazing menu. With fresh local beer on tap you just can't go wrong here. Especially enjoying the beautiful Yakima weather while you're there.


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