We are big on pets around here.

Cats, dogs, fish, birds, turtles, hamsters, man-eating tigers, you name it and we're interested...except maybe the tiger thing.

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That's our stand, in part because we know that having a pet is generally good for you and now science backs us up.  University of Florida researchers found that having pets may help owners stave off memory loss and cognitive decline.

Some Are Better But All Pets Help

As in the book Animal Farm by George Orwell, not all pets are equal in impact.  (Do you really care if your crickets love you?)  So the greatest impact was experienced by cat and dog owners, but the positive effect was also seen among bird, and fish owners, as well as those owning smaller pets. (again, no mention of that tiger)

As Fox News tells it, It’s also believed that interacting with pets can reduce stress levels, and lower blood pressure, both of which can benefit memory. Pets also give their owners companionship and a sense of purpose.  Without a purpose, people tend to let themselves go downhill, but with a pet, a living creature counting on their owner for food, water, and support, will take better care of themselves so as to be able to take better care of their pets

Science Says Pets Provide Purpose

The survey revealed that about 10% of respondents said that they wouldn't go to the hospital if they were sick with COVID-19 symptoms over concerns for the welfare of their animals.  However, while pets are usually considered to be family by their owners,  our systems view ...which can complicate the experience of social inequalities, with adverse consequences for the whole household, when people and their pets aren’t supported together

At the Radio Station, we are always up for helping out the Yakima Humane Society get their pets to a new adopted permanent home.  But since caring for pets is so good for the owners we really do mean it when we say help us help YOU, adopt a pet!

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