Panda Fridays, baby Cash, the workplace is changing and so are the perks.

It used to be we were cautioned not to ask about pay and specific benefits during job interviews but some companies have come to realize that offering special perks up front could attract the best applicants and could help retain the best workers.

Let's just say there isn't anything like this going down in small market radio.

According to the website PopSugar, some interesting and unusual benefits are being dangled about. For example:

  • Ski passes for employees and their families at Sundance Ski Resort -- Chatbooks, Utah-based photo book company
  • Free Kindle and $30 per month for books -- Cloud communications platform Twilio, for workers who build and present a Twilio app
  • Improv classes -- Twitter, to encourage employee creativity
  • Four-week paid sabbatical -- Software company Epic System Corp., for employees who've been there for five years. If spent traveling in a country the employee has never visited, Epic will also help pay for the trip.
  • Housekeeping services -- Energy drink company MATI Energy, monthly reimbursement to pay for housekeeping services
  • Every other Friday off -- World Wildlife Fund, which calls them "Panda Fridays"
  • $4,000 in 'Baby Cash' -- Facebook, for employees when they have a baby to help pay for baby stuff
  • Twice-daily group meditation sessions -- Meditation app Headspace
  • $1,200 per year to pay student loans -- Pricewaterhouse Coopers, for up to six years
  • 50 percent of deceased employee's salary for surviving partner for 10 years -- Google, offered to spouse or partner
  • Travel money -- Airbnb, $2,000 per year to travel and stay in an Airbnb, and Travelzoo, $1,500 per year for travel


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