sleeping man

According to Cosmopolitan Magazine research shows that these four situations keep men tossing and turning more so than the monster in the closet.

Number One Nightmare: Losing His Job - due to the sense of self men receive from their work, the nightmare of getting the "pink slip" stirs up feeling of inadequacy that may or may not be career related.

Number Two Nightmare: Car Crash - feelings of helplessness provoke car or plane wrecks nightmares. It is very common for men to have these type of dreams when life is a mess and he doesn't know how to fix the problems that he's faced with.

Number Three Nightmare: Getting into a Fight - Major pressures in real life such as an approaching deadline could cause dreams of being physically attacked.

Number Four Nightmare: Being Trapped in a Scary Place - A man's desire to protect the people he cares for most could be the reason this scenario is a nightmare for men. Situations in real life where friends and family are hurt could provoke this type of nightmare.

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