The Irish Times reports that for the first time in history the US now holds more oil reserves than Saudi Arabia and Russia. Meanwhile, U.S. ports are threatened with a backlog. Northwest and California export terminals are expected to experienced delays that could create a backlog of age commodity exports due to the fact a new safety rule requiring exporters to report the weight of shipping containers “prior” to being loaded was implemented Friday. In the WSJ Ocean-carrier industry groups said the rule is “necessary because overweight containers have caused ships to capsize” but trucking companies fear the new regulation will cause long delays in unloading cargo.

Cattlemen prevail over environmental groups. The Western Livestock Journal reports an Oregon Federal Judge rules in favor of grazing in an Oregon case filed last year by several environmental groups claiming a violation of a number of federal environmental policies. The case centered around bull trout that are listed as threatened “threatened” under the Endangered Species Act, in the Klamath Basin area of Oregon.