Here's another phenomenon brought on by the Coronavirus Pandemic -- people turning to "Psychics" to help get guidance on how best to move ahead in a post pandemic world. is a website that connects psychics with consumers and announced a jump of more than 50 percent for new users during the pandemic compared to the same period in 2019.

Ok, I gotta jump in on this one.  I have been hobby magician for more than 40 years and have read, seen and learned many pseudo-psychic routines in which the performer seems to be able to read minds, know unknowable things and demonstrate powers beyond normal human capabilities.  In other words, there are techniques and tools of the trade to be able to create the "illusion" of psychic ability.

Most budding magicians have experienced a "Houdini fascination phase"  and it's there where we learn of Harry's hope to make contact with family members in the afterlife. The charlatans of the time may have been able to fool the public but they couldn't get their tricks past the great Houdini!

In the late 19th century, " spiritualism had become a popular diversion in the US and abroad. Mediums held seances to contact spirits, which often produced phony results aided by props. Houdini believed that many of these practitioners were preying upon people in their time of grief who were desperate to contact deceased loved ones. By 1923 he became intent upon debunking these purveyors of false hope and learning whether spiritualism had any basis in fact.... He joined a Scientific American Magazine committee formed for the purpose of authenticating mediums. The magazine was offering a reward to anyone who could prove their mediumistic abilities, but none were able to satisfy the requirements."

 Yahoo News tells the story of a Pew Research study that found millennials  who are into New Age spiritual and wellness practices, are transitioning ...   "Narayana Montufar is a senior astrologer at, and says “At the beginning of the pandemic, a lot of people were really freaking out and just wanted to make sense of it all. Now, because a lot of people went through so much change, they want to know how to best adapt to their new life: they’ve digested the pandemic and want to begin a new way of living that is more spiritual.” 

Experts claim there are any number of reasons people might choose to consult a spiritual advisor especially in the midst of a worldwide pandemic that has been turning skeptics into believers in a search to find solid footing when tides were turning by the day.  Now with millions of vaccinations given, psychic practitioners say the demand has remained strong and is expected to continue for a long time to come.

We'll give Livescience the last word. "For well over a century, many mediums have been caught faking spirit communication. Harry Houdini exposed many psychics as frauds who used trickery to make vulnerable people believe in the reality of spirit messages."


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