Mary Poppins taught us that a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down but she didn't tell us what might make the medicine more effective.  The answer is Mozart!

University of Utah researchers say if you're in pain you may want to consider popping an Advil and listening to some Mozart.

The Daily Mail reports that the scientists looked at mice and found when they were given ibuprofen alone, the pills were 70 percent effective, but when given the pills and then playing music, the pills were 93 percent effective.  That's 30% more effective!


The truth is you already know more Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart than you think you do.  His catalog lists 626 published works and his music shows up in movies, TV shows and even elevators!


So, if the same effectiveness boost findings in mice translate to humans, music could be used to help reduce the amount of pain medication we need to take in each dosage which was kind of the idea behind the project.

For the record, the mice specifically listened to three three-hour segments of Mozart's music.

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