Minnesota Rep. and Tea Party favorite Michele Bachmann officially announced her candidacy for the 2012 presidential election on Monday.

Michele Bachmann

Bachmann kicked off her campaign in Waterloo, Iowa, where she was born.

“I know what it means to be from Iowa — I know what we value here and I know what’s important,” Bachmann said during her announcement.

The announcement comes a day after a Des Moines Register poll was released in which Bachmann performed well, coming in only a point behind former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, the early Republican frontrunner, CNN reported.

“I am here in Waterloo, Iowa to announce today: we can win in 2012 and we will. Our voice has been growing louder and stronger. And it is made up of Americans from all walks of life like a three-legged stool. It’s the peace through strength Republicans, and I’m one of them, it’s fiscal conservatives, and I’m one of them, and it’s social conservatives, and I’m one of them. It’s the Tea Party movement and I’m one of them,” Bachmann said in her announcement speech.

Over the weekend, Bachmann made the media circuit, appearing on CBS’s ‘Face the Nation’ and ‘Fox News Sunday.’

Watch Bachmann’s Monday announcement below.



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