Many Yakima voters are looking for a way to not vote for 4th District Congressman Dan Newhouse in the general election. Many people are upset at Newhouse because of his vote to impeach President Donald Trump. Some are suggesting voters write-in familiar names like Franklin County Commissioner Clint Didier or former congressional candidates Jerrod Sessler or Loren Culp.

Ross says he understands how people feel but the law is the law

Yakima County Auditor Charles Ross says while he understands the frustration many people have with Newhouse anyone who has been on the general election ballot or anyone who is currently on a ballot is not eligible to be a write-in candidate in the state of Washington. According to the state's Sore Loser Law;
It reads in part;
"If a candidate loses a race in the Primary, either as a regular candidate printed on the ballot or as a declared write-in, that candidate cannot file in the General Election as a write-in candidate for the same race. RCW 29A.24.311 & RCW 29A.60.021"

A write-in candidate did make it through to the November election

A write-in campaign was recently successful in making on the November ballot.
Angie Girard, a democrat in the Yakima County Commissioner District 2 race was able to gain support in 1% of the ballots returned to qualify to move forward to November.
The incumbent Amanda McKinney was able to gain 83% of the vote.
Girard made news last month after filing a lawsuit against McKinney and Commissioner LaDon Linde for violations of the Open Public Meetings Act.
The 2022 primary election ended with a 31.34% turnout. Yakima County was the county with the lowest turnout in the state.

Ross expects a much larger turnout in November

31% of more than 127,000 ballots were returned for the election.
Yakima County Auditor Charles Ross expects a 55% turnout for the upcoming general election. Don't miss the conversation with Ross at 7:15 am Tuesday, August 23 on KIT.

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