This day before the general election Yakima County Auditor Charles Ross isn't to optimistic about a big turnout. "We're hoping to see a 30 percent turnout when we're all done. But at this point it looks like we're going to see a 26 percent turnout."
As of Monday about 17 percent of the more than 114,000 sent to registered voters had been returned. Ross says either there's not a lot of interest in the election or a lot of people are waiting until the last minute to vote or both. In the city of Yakima if you live in city council Districts 2, 4 or 6 you are voting on a new member of the Yakima City Council. That's a guarantee that the city will see three new faces sitting at the horse shoe desk at city hall in the new year. county wide everyone who has a ballot is being asked about marijuana. If the county should continue its ban on retail sales in the unincorporated areas of the county. And various cities in the county including union gap also have city council and mayor races as well.

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