It's time for the Yakima Master Gardener's Spring plant sale and as with all things in the COVID-19 era, things will be a bit different this year.  More on the specifics of that in a moment but first some new research on gardening and well being and why you just might want to participate in this year's sale!

An article in the Daily Mail says British researchers from the Royal Horticultural Society found that people who garden every day have wellbeing scores that are 6.6 percent higher and stress levels that are 4.2 percent lower compared to those who do not garden at all. The conclusion is pretty obvious - go ahead and get gardening.

Scientists say the bump up in wellbeing is not merely a workout for your green thumb but, in addition to beautiful flowers and healthy & delicious fruits and vegetables, gardening provides an increase in wellbeing similar to what people get from doing regular, vigorous exercise such as cycling or running.

Study authors say its all about being outside in nature noting that from a mental health perspective, it seems you can't overdose on the good of gardening.
Carol Barany is with Yakima County Master Gardeners. She says the Coronavirus has changed the protocols but not the enthusiasm for this year's plant sale.  She says to look on line, check out the plants and shop away!
Pricing of our plants:
Most Annuals (3.5″ pots):  $1.25
Geraniums (4″ pots):  $3.00
Begonias, Potato vine, spikes: $3.00
Standard Perennials (4″ pots): $2.00
Tall and Larger Perennials (4″ pots): $3.00
Perennials in 1 gallon pots: $4.00
Vegetables & herbs (3.5″ & 4″ pots): $1.50
Hanging Baskets: $22.00
DATES: The store will open Thursday, April 29th by 8:00 am, and run for two days!

Right after you place your order, you’ll be asked to sign up for a 30-minute pickup appointment window. Pickup will be in our greenhouse parking lot at 1522 South 18th Ave., in Yakima.

SORRY! We cannot ship or deliver!
WHERE: Watch this spot for the web link. It will be posted HERE on Thursday morning, April 29th by 8:00 am

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