13th Dist. State Representative Alex Ybarra (R) is from Quincy, WA. He's is this week's political leader checking in with KIT's Morning News.  With ten dead in Boulder, CO following the supermarket shooting, and President Joe Biden pushing for an "assault type weapons" ban, we asked the Rep. about gun control bills working their way through the legislature.  Rep. Ybarra's personal position on the second amendment is solidly conservative acknowledging Washingtonian's Right to keep and bear arms.

Representative Ybarra remains concerned that Governor Inslee still wields too much emergency political power and Inslee continues to make decisions without consulting the legislature and those closest to the people of the state.

Taxation was another topic of conversation.  The recent state revenue projection of an additional 3.2 Billion in tax revenue eliminates the need for raising more taxes in Ybarra's mind.  His take on the left's approach to taxes is this - "If the cause is right, it's worth the tax"...and what's a "worthy cause" is in the minds of the majority Democrat legislatures.  Ybarra points out that almost all new taxes hurts the poor and people of color the most.

Ybarra also reminds us of all the billions in CARE federal relief money coming into "blue state" Washington,  including 1.85 billion more for education. Ybarra is the highest ranking Republic on the State's education committee.  In fact he had to leave us to go chair an education committee meeting.

Just like all the other 13, 14 & 15th District State Representative that we have interviewed this legislative session, Alex Ybarra is frustrated by the left's appetite for new taxes, including the controversial capital gains tax, gas taxes and more.  Instead of making State matters better from a conservative point of view, once again, the outnumbered Republicans job is to try to keep things from getting worse.

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