Meet Ella.  Yup, one of mine is on the list!!!

"A rose by any other name would smell as sweet" wrote William Shakespeare.  So, what's in a name?  Is it possible that a name can predict behavior?

This Thanksgiving as the family gathers around with all the kids and grandkids, keep your eye on which kids behave best...and worst!

Yahoo News has a report on two British companies which polled parents, teachers, and children asking them to rank the naughtiest baby names. They found Jack was the worst-behaved boy name, and Mia topped the list for girls.

(Our radio jack-of-all-trades partner on the morning show is in fact a fellow named Jack.  We cal him Jackson or "Jacksonian from the Smithsonian"  but he seems to always be on his BEST behavior.)

According to the list, Harry, Oliver, Charlie and George were all mischievous names.

When it comes to girls those named Mia, Ella, Isabella, Sophia, and Amelia were named as the most poorly behaved.

I'm not here to confirm the study but I will tell you this, my daughter Sarah has presented me with a spitfire of a granddaughter named Ella.  She is every bit as delightful as she often is a terror! I fully believe it's payback to Sarah for her own behavior as a child!  Ella is a beast, and payback is sweet!

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