A grandmother from Norwalk, Calif. has been missing since February 2023. Maria Del Carmen Lopez was born in Mexico but has since gained United States citizenship. The beloved abuelita was visiting some of her family in Colima, Mexico, when she abruptly disappeared in an apparent abduction.

I’m sure the family is still horrified and devastated over this missing persons case. I can’t imagine not knowing where my loved one could be after being kidnapped in another country.

One Year Still Missing: CA Woman Kidnapped in Mexico. Seen Her?


One year later and still unable to pay the kidnapper’s ransom, the Lopez family still does not know their matriarch’s whereabouts. Her seven children continue to ask for the public’s help. They’ve already reached out to their federal officials to ask for diplomatic intervention with the Mexican government to assist in locating her expeditiously.

The FBI has issued a reward of up to $25,000 for clues about where Lopez is being held or where she can be located.


Still Unsolved: This California Woman Abruptly Kidnapped from Mexico in 2023

Maria del Carmen Lopez will be 65 years old in July 2024. She was last seen with blonde hair and she has hazel eyes. Her eyeliner is permanently tattooed.


If you recognize Maria del Carmen Lopez or know where she can be found, contact the Los Angeles County FBI department or visit justice4carmen.com.


visit FBI.gov


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