**California ranchers who see wolves attacking their cattle can only watch, unlike other states.

California Cattlemen’s Association vice president, Kirk Wilbur says, not only can you not kill a wolf for attacking and killing one of your calves, but you also can’t injure it in any way.

Meanwhile, a California state fund, originally set at $3 million in 2021, set aside to compensate ranchers for their losses is quickly running low on money.

Discount Grocery Outlet Sells Overstocked And Out-Of-Date Food
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**USDA’s Economic Research Service says food-at-home prices increased by 5% in 2023, much lower than the growth rate in 2022 of 11%.

However, that was still double the historical annual average growth rate from 2003 to 2022, which was 2.5%.

Food price growth slowed last year as economy-wide inflationary pressures, supply chain issues, and wholesale food prices eased from 2022.

In 2023, prices for fats and oils grew the fastest at 9%.

Cyber Attack On South Korea Traced To China
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**Two senators introduced legislation intended to boost the ag industry’s resilience against cyber-attacks.

If passed, the bipartisan measure would shield America’s supply chain from technological attacks.

Supporters say America’s adversaries are looking for any advantage they can use against us, including targeting critical industries like agriculture.

The bill would require the USDA to conduct a twice-yearly study on cybersecurity threats to the agriculture industry.

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