You have been very careful with when and where you use your debit card, taking all the precautions to protect you numbers and the financial resources they represent. But surely that doesn't include at the local gas station, does it?  Sadly it does.

According to a report in the Yakima Herald Republic, Kennewick police say "Gas pump scammers are using skimming devices that are extremely difficult to detect...the trick of pulling on the card reader’s housing to detect if something’s amiss doesn’t work against these kinds of skimmers, and you can’t tell if one is on a pump."

Simply put If you use a debit card to fill up your gas tank, police are warning you to stop.  "If you pay with your debit card and input your PIN, the skimmer will steal your personal identification number too...the thief can then make a clone of your debit card and drain your bank accounts, said Detective Sgt. Ryan Kelly"

So what's the solution?  Pay in cash or use your debit card like a credit card at the gas pump?

The YHR reports Detective Kelly's advice, "Instead of selecting debit, select credit and input your zip code because that protects your PIN and the money still is taken from your bank account."

Officials also recommend you keep a close eye on your bank account and report any suspicious activity.


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