Are you flying for the holidays? If you are be prepared for TSA’s new enhanced security measures for the flying public designed to keep you safe, happy, smiling and DYING for more!

I guess it depends on who you ask if this will really work or not. I’ve seen and heard all the horror stories of Grandma being “handled” at the security checkpoint or the recent picture of a small boy standing there submitting to the search with his shirt off looking like he’s being arrested. Is it really necessary to do that, is that kid really planning to blow up the plane you are on? I would think his mind was more on the type and amount of Christmas gifts he’s looking forward to.

If you are flying soon here are a few tips to be aware of:

1. Get to the airport early, at least 2 hours in advance

2. Carry plenty of patience with you.

3. Plan your packing, make sure you leave the useless stuff at home.

4. Dress comfortable, tight suits and high heals might not work.

5. Remember don’t make any off color jokes about security in the airport or anything that might make the screeners take extra care with you.