The Holiday season is here and for many that means a cup of cheer...or 3 or 5 or...

Holiday hangovers could be a thing of the past if new research proves true.  The DailyMail reports that  researchers from the Institute of Chemical Technology in India may have found the ultimate cure!
I'm not sure how they came up with this but here is the formula.  They say you must drink a beverage that is 65 percent pear juice, 25 percent lime juice, and 10 percent coconut water, as well as eat a plate of cheese, tomato, and cucumber.
They say these food and juices have the ability to help the body speed up the process of getting rid of the enzymes in alcohol that give us the nasty hangover symptoms.
In the movies we often see people try to sober up and cure a hangover with multiple cups of strong black coffee.  Bad idea.  Researchers also found that coffee is the worst idea for a hangover, and can actually prolong it, while drinking green or black tea could potentially help at least a little.
Maybe its best to Ho Ho Hold it with about two drinks instead of 10 so you don't get the hangover in the first place!




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